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When I was 8, I decided I wanted to go to MIT to be an inventor. Now I'm here and my mom is happy I never dreamt of building a death ray.

I'm a first generation college student, studying Computer Science with a minor in Design.

I live and served as President of MacGregor House, research at the MIT Media Lab, advise first year students, and tour guide.

I am a research assistant in the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab and think about how to realistically model complex systems and make them into tangible user interfaces, which may or may not involve Legos.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how different problems and complexities around us can be simulated, understood, and engaged with. My interests range from sentiment analysis in Twitter networks to 3D printing algorithms to face meshing algorithms, but it's all united in the idea that I love telling stories with the data around me through math, design, code, and electronics.

Overall, I love learning and making cool stuff. And for me, research is just the professional way of doing that. And no mom, I'm not building a death ray.

Here's a nice resume

Research Papers/Conferences/Press Releases

  • An official update on my and my supervisor Ira Winder's work with agent based modeling and pedestrian networks.
  • A paper that was accepted to Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange.
  • A paper on my research with Dr. Luca Daniel.
  • My supervisor Ira and I presented a poster and paper at the Future Technologies Conference, 2017 in Canada. We won best demonstration.