Sketches by Nina Lutz 2021

All are coded in p5.js. Click each to see the sketch in its own page and feel free to look at the source code. You can also check out the code on this website's Github here. Any forked sketches are attributed to original authors or sources (like code documentation) in code comments.

Follow on Twitter @ninasketches to see these daily. You can also DM for requests, etc. Some sketches available for purchase on clothihng, stickers, homegoods, and more here.

This work has been featured in Arts at MIT and is one of the 2021 winners of the Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts at MIT.

I have written a bit about the process behind these sketches in this Medium article.

Workshops for this have and will keep occuring! Most recently the noisy workshop in April. Docs from that are here.

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