Hi, I'm Nina

I want to use computers to make us think about other people. I'm still figuring out exactly how to do that. My current thoughts around it are all about visual culture at scale.

For now, I am starting my PhD at the University of Washington and joining the Centered for an Informed Public. Some questions I am thinking about are:

How does visual media and information on the web [images, videos, memes] reify and worsen offline inequalities for marginalized groups?
What aesthetics and visual trends are used by harmful actors to dehumanize and incite violence against marginalized groups?
How do aesthetic and visual claims around public figures, cultural artifacts, and events emerge in different audiences?

On this website you can read about me, see things I've done, and read some words by me.

If you are interested in collaborating or chatting about research, please drop me a line at ninalutz@uw.edu.

I am a Partner in KTLN, a boutique research consultancy. If you are looking for my consulting work and want to get in touch about that, please check us out here.