About Me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who uses computational and artistic methods to explore visual communication and culture at scale. Many computer scientists want to make computers think more like people -- I want to use computers to make us think about other people. I especially focus my work on individuals and groups who are not represented in the making, regulating, and evaluation of visual technologies, data, and communities that affect them.

I completed my undergraduate education at MIT (with a brief stint at Apple) in Computer Science and Design, and continued on to my MS at the MIT Media Lab. As an undergrad, I developed my research passion and fundamentals under Ira Winder, deploying computational interactive simulations for urban and corporate entities. I also spent time in the classroom as a TA and instructor during my undergrad years.

My MS focused on the intersection of art, identity, and technology. My thesis was a sign language edition of a digital participatory artwork called A Counting, featured in multiple museums and the NY Times. I was also a guest for a unit on creative coding at Gallaudet University and I taught a seminar at MIT with Dr. Katlyn Turner on our framework, DeCentering.

My initial thesis work, canceled by COVID-19, was focused on immersive physical experiences around cultural and gender identities – I get to present some of this work this September at the 2022 Paseo Festival in Taos, NM (adapted in a post-COVID world).

After graduating in 2021 with my MS, I moved to the enchanting Pacific Northwest, where I now call Seattle home. I am a Product Manager at Redfin, where my day to day ranges from development meetings to user research to analytics. I still make art on the side, and you can find me laser cutting at Seattle Makers, decorating my apartment, or hosting events with friends.

Reach out via email or Twitter (@ninalikespi).

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