I write on my Medium account and am slowly working on documenting some older work there too.

Below are some words, talks, features, etc. For the whole list and my teaching experience, please reference my CV.

Selected Essays

I did an arts festival as a non-pro artist and here’s how it went

A Year (2020) of (almost) Daily (code) Sketches

‘Cuties’, Netflix, and Computation

Are you there Twitter? It's me, Nina.

A Pictorial Analysis of Disney Female Characters: Wrists and Worries

A nonanswer to “Art in these times”

A Pictorial Analysis of Disney Male Characters: Princes and Reflections

Academic Publications

My ofrenda project was in ACM CHI 2020 proceedings -- A Methodology for Digitally Augmented Shrines"

My Colloidal Luminaries project was published in the ACM BuildSys 2019 Conference and won a demonstration award. The publication is here.

Making Up the Unreal , an essay I wrote for MIT's Journal of Design Science regarding the instability of the human face and our perception of it online.

I contributed to some algorithmic work regarding electric vehicle modeling under IEEE and Research Laboratory for Electronics at MIT, under Prof Luca Daniel, PhD. Here are those papers [1] [2] [3].

From the MIT Media Lab, when I was in City Science under the Andorra Project, a paper that was accepted to Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange.

Selected Exhibitions and Demonstrations

Paseo 2022 [Exhibit + Workshop] CAMIT Arts on the Radar, Turning Light [Exhibit and Talk] MIT Museum, Connected Coral [Exhibit] IEEE Future Technologies Conference -- Bits and Bricks [Conference Demonstration] MIT Media Lab Members Week

My work has been exhibited at the MIT Media Lab's Members Meeting (every year in April and October) since April 2016. My list of current and past Media Lab projects that have been exhibited are on my lab page .

I have been featured on the front page of Members Meeting the following years, with Ira Winder, my undergraduate research mentor.

Selected Press

  • Super excited to have been featured on Exolore podcast by Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo). You can listen to us chat here.
  • I ran my old lab's Instagram -- Object Based Media
  • An official update on my and my supervisor Ira Winder's work with agent based modeling and pedestrian networks.
  • Media Lab update on winning IEEE Demo Award.
  • Selected Interviews and Features

  • Super excited to have been featured on Exolore podcast by Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo). You can listen to us chat here.
  • UROP 50th Anniversary Video