Algorithms for urban simulation.


2015-2016, Research MIT Media Lab City Science Group
  • Data Visualization
  • Algorithms
  • Data Analysis
  • Research

I developed algorithms and furthered data visualizations for the Andorra project in the City Science Group (then Changing Places). I utilized Call Detail Record (CDR) data and developed a weighted voronoi algorithm to better distribute flows of people in more realistic ways based off the data and urban structure of the city. I also contributed to the data visualization codebase and integrated my algorihtm and some user interface elements.

I left this project in 2016 but it is still ongoing at City Science.

Paper: Analysis of Tourism Dynamics and Special Events through Mobile Phone Metadata. Y. Leng, A. Noriaga, A. Pentland, I. Winder, N. Lutz, L. Alonso. Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange, 2016.

Flows before my algorithm, coming from cell towers in the interface I helped with:

After, more realistic, coming from amenities: