Connected Coral

Exhibit around coral reef bleaching.

Connected Coral

Fall 2018, MIT Museum and MIT Open Ocean
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • CAD (Rhino/Grasshopper)
  • Algorithms
  • Exhibition

Connected Coral integrates physical and digital elements in a visualization of the environmental impacts on reefs. This complex projection mapping uses multiple projectors, angled mirrors, and a motion sensor to create an interactive digital skin on a complex three-dimensional surface. Viewers interacted with the piece via a motion sensor.

My personal role was to fabricate the reef and container to hold the mirrors and projection system. Emily Salvador designed the animations and mapping software. I wrote a script to digest a point cloud model of the reef and slice it into machinable components on a CNC machine.

This project was created through the Open Ocean Initiative and was displayed at the MIT Museum.