Cosmetic Light

Designing new lighting through scattering.

Cosmetic Light

Present, MIT Media Lab - Object Based Media Group
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • CAD (Rhino)
  • Math Modeling
  • Computer Graphics
  • Software
  • Web Development

This is current research I am pursuing, so this page is in constant flux. This my youngest and most independent work. Some photos are below this larger text description.

Goal: allowing users to easily design parametric lighting solutions with scattering media and lasers to illuminate spaces in a new and scalable way.

This project is about creating a framework for a new methodology of lighting through the use of scattering. This is accomplished with low voltage, high focus lasers that are not typically visible to the human eye without diffusion. By combining various geometry options with diffusers, we hope to create a mathematical model and design framework as an additional alternative to creative lighting expression.

Research Questions
  • Can we develop a parametric design grammar for light sources of laser geometries with various scattering mediums?
  • Can we make a computational and mathematical model that can be used to quantify the lighting effects from these light sources?
  • Can we develop a procedural process to prototype and design lighting in this manner both computationally and with rapid prototyping techniques?
End Goals
  • Framework arranging these parameters and comparing them to known light sources commonly used in interior lighting.
  • Mathematical model of this system with appropriate parameters.
  • Computational simulation to validate and show the model.
  • Creative prototyping tool for this lighting framework.
  • Physical prototypes based on the framework and some interesting materials.
  • Paper, poster, or demonstration at a conference or journal.