Singapore Pedestrian Access

Discretizing geospatial data for pedestrian models.

Singapore Pedestrian Access

Summer 2016, Research MIT Media Lab City Science
  • Software
  • Algorithms
  • Project Management
  • UI Design
  • GIS/Geospatial Data
  • Computer Graphics
  • Research

Project on pedestrian accessibility done in collaboration with Singapore Centre for Liveable Cities and MIT Media Lab City Science Group.

I facilitated an ideation session with Singaporean planners, where we designed the scope of the project. Worked with planners to design the piece topologies and user interface for the final deployment.

My main contribution was implementing the Bresenham computer graphics algorithm to parse GIS data to computational structures for use in a pedestrian urban model.

Final interface in Singapore:

Cityscope table with Singapore model at MIT:

Bresenham implementation:

Process Documentation: